Improving school
communication by
encouraging engagement

Encouraging positive communication and engagement through an anonymous weekly survey to all staff from a single question

What is
Every Voice Counts?

Every Voice Counts is a simple, cost effective and powerful tool to boost engagement and communication within schools.

The idea is the brainchild of an expert in IT and web based software and an educator who has taught for over 25 years with experience as a Department Head, Pastoral Leader and a member of SMT.

Features of
Every Voice Counts

Encouraging staff to respond
positively and actively within
their school
The weekly survey gives staff and leadership an opportunity to reflect and communicate on issues which are important to their school and its future.
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A social wall for staff
recognition - voted for
by colleagues
Staff can vote each week for up to three colleagues who have excelled beyond their job description. This recognition being a positive impact on wellbeing.
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Totally anonymous feedback.
The ability to respond if
appropriate, and engage in dialogue
Most staff have concerns about voicing their real opinions in a face to face environment. Using EVC allows them to anonymously make suggestions that will reach the appropriate decision makers. Leadership can gauge the real depth of feeling on issues within their school.
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Questions can be from our
standard bank, or schools can
create their own
The system has pre-defined weekly questions concerning a wide range of topics relevant to all schools. However, it is possible to include your own specific and custom questions if you would prefer.
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Why use
Every Voice Counts?

Increased engagement has several benefits for organisations that use it effectively. Staff become more involved with the organisation and are more likely to commit to the vision of the leadership. Secondly, actively engaged staff are more likely to stay longer and become influencers for the school in the local and wider community.
Every Voice Counts is a cost-effective package. The administration required to run the system is minimal yet the potential impact and rewards for schools are huge. Increased dialogue and sharing of ideas with fellow professionals is hard to quantify but is a potentially powerful resource.
Wellbeing advice
The wellbeing and blog section will keep staff up to date with the latest news and advice in this increasingly important area of education. Information from unions, charities and the government will be streamlined and written in an easily digestible format by a teacher for teachers.

Common Questions for
Every Voice Counts Staff Surveys

Do you offer a trial?
Yes we can offer a free, no obligation 30 day trial of the EVC Staff Survey system. Please email us to get started and setup as soon as possible for your trial.
What happens when the trial ends?
We hope that by the end of the trial you will have seen the benefits of the EVC system in getting honest, anonymous feedback from your staff, and will want to continue using the system. We will contact you to discuss options, and to continue we will send you an invoice either for termly renewals or a discounted, annual renewal.
Are you fully GDPR compliant?
Yes we are fully GDPR compliant, take a look at our Security & GDPR page for more information on this.
Are all the answers totally anonymous?
Yes, all responses, answers to surveys, suggestions and comments are 100% anonymous. This is core to everything we do at EVC - anonymity is the key to our whole system, so all staff can be totally honest in their replies.
Can a school add their own question to staff?
Yes, each week before the next question is sent out, the school administrators for EVC will be sent a reminder which will show what the next planned question is. If they do not want to use this question, they can either change to a custom question, or skip that weeks question completely.
Will questions be sent out to staff during school holidays?
The EVC Administrator at the school will have the option to skip the forthcoming question for either one week or multiple weeks. This way, our recommendation is that the admin choose to not send questions out during school holidays to staff, the school controls when questions are sent out.
Is there a minimum number of staff required to use EVC?
Yes, we will not show results for any survey until at least 5 people have completed the survey question. So in reality this means we would expect to have at least a minimum of 10 staff for EVC to be a suitable system to use.