Improving communication by
encouraging engagement

Encouraging positive communication and engagement through an anonymous weekly survey to all staff from a single question.

Providing a resource for staff wellbeing

EVC has been designed to improve staff wellbeing through its unique threefold design. The weekly survey, the social wall and the dedicated blog ensure staff feel valued and listened to.

What is Every Voice Counts?


Every Voice Counts is a simple, cost effective and powerful tool to boost engagement and communication within schools.

The idea is the brainchild of an expert in IT and web based software and an educator who has taught for over 25 years with experience as a Department Head, Pastoral Leader and a member of SMT.


Staff engagement is the core of every successful organisation. It has tangible results for morale, wellbeing and productivity. Every Voice Counts will enable more staff to take an active interest in the direction their school is heading, whilst in the long-term could aid with recruitment and retention.


Outside of more traditional hierarchical meeting structures, Every Voice Counts allows staff to offer ideas that perhaps they might have been concerned about raising. 


Once improved engagement is achieved, the process of developing meaningful and robust communication can begin. Leadership will have the confidence to be transparent with staff and in turn staff will have a greater understanding of the, often tough, decisions they make.


With engagement, communication and empowerment comes creativity. The greatest strength of the best schools is their staff. Allowing staff to have input can create a togetherness which will have huge benefits not only for the school but also the students.

Encouraging staff to respond positively and actively within their school.

The weekly survey gives staff and leadership an opportunity to reflect and communicate on issues which are important to their school and its future.

A social wall for staff recognition- voted for by colleagues

Staff can vote each week for up to three colleagues who have excelled beyond their job description. This recognition being a positive impact on wellbeing.

Totally anonymous feedback. The ability to respond if appropriate, and engage in dialogue.

Most staff have concerns about voicing their real opinions in a face to face environment. Using EVC allows them to anonymously make suggestions that will reach the appropriate decision makers. Leadership can gauge the real depth of feeling on issues within their school.

Questions can be from our standard bank, or schools can create their own.

The system has pre-defined weekly questions concerning a wide range of topics relevant to all schools. However, it is possible to include your own specific and custom questions if  you would prefer. 

Why use Every Voice Counts?


Reason 1 

Increased engagement has several benefits for organisations that use it effectively. Staff become more involved with the organisation and are more likely to commit to the vision of the leadership. Secondly, actively engaged staff are more likely to stay longer and become influencers for the school in the local and wider community.

Reason 2 

Every Voice Counts is a cost-effective package. The administration required to run is minimal yet the potential impact and rewards for schools are huge. Increased dialogue and sharing of ideas with fellow professionals is hard to quantify but is a potentially huge resource.

Reason 3

The wellbeing and blog section will keep staff up to date with the latest news and advice in this increasingly important area of education. Information from unions, charities and the government will be streamlined and written in an easily digestible format by a teacher for teachers.

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