Parent Surveys for Schools

Regular School Parent Surveys help a school understand what your parents want and expect from their child’s education.

Parents are your customers –
Keep them:

Why should you survey your school’s parents?


Why wait for an Ofsted or ISI inspection to get the views of your parents? Regular surveying of your parents can help to discover their views and thoughts and help inform decision making.

Ofsted looks favourably on schools that are proactive in communicating and gathering feedback from all stakeholders in a school – especially the Parents.

EVC’s Parental Surveys offer a very cost-effective solution to canvassing opinion – we do all the work for you! 10 minutes of your time is all that is needed to order the survey and create custom questions if required.

We are fully GDPR compliant (see more here) and can have your survey up and running within a day.

Research has proved that a termly survey on different subjects is the ideal way to quickly and accurately gather feedback from your parents.

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Quick accurate feedback

Our surveys vary from 10-20 questions, should take parents no more than about 3 minutes to answer, and can be completed on a desktop, mobile or tablet device. 

GDPR compliant

Our system is GDPR compliant, and hosted in the UK. If you sent out the survey via the school’s own communications system, we don’t even need your parents information and so we hold no personal data. We will provide our Data Processing Agreement ordering your first survey.

Totally annonymous

Anonymous surveying has been proved to provide more effective, honest and realistic feedback. Decision making can be guided by more genuine opinions.

Branded for the school

We can include the school logo, the school branding colours and a background image of your school to give the survey a professional, more personal touch.

Results available via webpage and PDF

Once the survey has closed, we will provide you with the results, via both an online URL as well as a PDF document. You can then easily send out the PDF or webpage to your parents if required.

Surveys branded for your school with your logo and colours

A professional appearance to your parents is very important, and our surveys will be branded with your school logo and colours. Your survey will look attractive and modern and therefore more likely to get a higher response rate.

Well researched, effective questions – but adaptable to your school’s needs

All our surveys have been extensively researched with questions to get the best feedback for schools. However, we understand that schools sometimes need to get opinions on topics that matter to them. Therefore, we allow schools to define up to 5 custom questions, and also skip any of the default questions you do not feel are relevant to you.